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#184078 - Back at our place after a few drinks I ask Jean what color are your panties she goes to my jacket and gets them out of my pocket, Dave asks Jean to show us where they should be, Jean stands in front of Dave and takes off her skirt standing there bottomless we then remove the rest of her cloths, she sits between us naked and we both slip a finger in her pussy she is so wet, I suggest setting up the video and video us taking her from both ends. It all started Christmas Eve 2009, we met up with friends Dave & Lyn to go to our company social club for Xmas drinks as the night wore on and we got the worst for drink Dave and I started messing with the girls pulling their bra straps and trying to grab a feel of their tits at closing time someone suggested we go down town to a club. I tell him that if he can get away and get to our flat for 8 theres a surprise for him.

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Shinya kougami
Who is the red one
Minato sahashi
Love how she laps at his ass towards the end