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#41526 - April kissed Steph back, her hands holding Steph’s face as her tongue met her sisters, licking every part of her mouth as the hands on her back and in her hair moved down and to her front, cupping her massive breasts and slightly squeezing them. On the stairs leading up to the bedroom’s, Kim, Lee, Dawn and Trish could hear the moans and groans coming from their family, the noise had first attracted Trish, who had been curious to know what was going on, then she realised what it was, and rushed to get her sister and brother, all rushing up the stairs and to the open door of the bedroom. Trish and Kim looked at each other and back to the group on the bed, Lee now kneeling behind Dawn and lightly rubbing the head of his cock against her dripping pussy as she kissed Stacy’s neck and thrust herself back to get her brother’s cock inside herself.

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