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#235544 - MY WIFE BECAME PART OF A DEAL My name is John and I’m 32 years of age and married to a really lovely sexy wife who I adore, Here name is Alice and she’s 28 we have been married for just over four years, We have our own lovely home and I own a very successful real estate business life couldn’t be better until about 6 months ago, You see Alice doesn’t have to work due to the success of my business but has on occasions helped me out when she stands in for me at the office at home, Business lately has slowed down due to the down turn in the property market, So any clients we can get is becoming more difficult and it’s a cutthroat business trying to attract new clients, This is where Alice comes in, Like I have already said she is a very sexy woman and always gets male attention when we go out it’s down to the fact that she has really long sexy legs and an hourglass figure to match I’m very proud of my wife when we go out as she always dresses to impress I love it when she we

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