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#291258 - the next day me and havrey went site seeing and when we got back to the hotel i open my suitcase and gave harvey the gift i was intending to give him i told harvey i was going to the bathroom and i will be back soon when i came out the bathroom i was dressed as a kinky copper a placed harvey in handcuffs (plastic ones) i told him i was going to ask him a few questions i cuffed harvey to the bed and sat on top of him i said have you been a naughty boy harvey answer yes i have i said how naughty have u been havrey said very naughty i kissed harvey and he tried to button my shirt with his teeth i said that is against the law with a smile on my face and harvey said sorry officer i said im going to have to punish you i pushed harvey back and started kissing him again i unbuttoned havrey shirt and his pants i pulled down his boxer shorts and sucked his dick when harvey cummed i drank his load harvey said to me you do know when you drink cum you put weight on i laughted an

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