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#374487 - The party was to continue the rest of the night and I will tell you more in the next episode. After that she said “ok let’s get up close and personal” and with that she began kissing Jerry, Susan was in a embrace with Alan swaying drunkenly to a song on the radio, Tim was feeling Jenny’s ass and the blonde was getting led out of the room by 2 of the others this left one man who crashed down beside me “Hi I’m Carl” he said and with that I think he went to sleep, I looked around the room Susan’s dress was off, Jenny was on her knees with Tim’s cock in her mouth, Amanda was almost naked as was Jerry, I got up and went to the kitchen poured a large drink and climbed the stairs, through the open bedroom door the blonde was getting double ended, her round ass was in the air getting a hard fucking from behind as she slurped on what looked like a good sized cock, I stood for a while and took in the scene here was a girl probably about 20 getting shafted on my bed, they moved her around every

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