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#40120 - I continued to fist her giving her multiple orgasm’s, until she rolled over, looking at me with lust, her fist went into my pussy, Just as a guys cock sunk deep in my butt, causing a good hard orgasm to ring out. Grant was next on my list, as I aimed right at his man hole, He moved to allow me a better angle, the vibe went in, causing him to jump, Liz laughed knowing what it felt like to be impaled on 12 inches of cock, soon I pumped him flat out, he’s taken the same size before, so I knew it wouldn’t be long before he had lots of anal orgasms. The guys were fucking Liz now and Grant was sucking one off, as he rode the vibe in his butt hard, then pulled of and jumped on a good sized cock to feel flesh in him.

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