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#113966 - After eating, we stood beside each other as we washed the dishes, then I picked her light body up and kissed her hard on the mouth – then I began to suck on her breasts as she held on to me with her head falling fully back, face up to the ceiling. Handing her the largest pearl end to hold, I began to apply lubricant to every part, including the string itself, but not to the large ball on my end. I started to lift her dress, when she took my wrists stopping me, and said in Italian, “No, my turn” (I was beginning to love language lessons more and more!) She told me to stand still, as she went to her knees and said something in Italian that I did not understand – later she told me that she had said, “I am going to do something that I have never done to any man before.

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Pegasus seiya
Un sogno
Hakuya mitsumine
Gotta love a good freaky woman that aint gone stop til she get what she wants
What were y all arguing about in the beginning great stuff