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#153770 - The following weekend she was out early Saturday morning getting her hair styled and spending my money, she breezed in looking pretty good and seemed in a good mood, shopping always cheered her up and as she had £600 to blow it must have been a good therapy, she dropped her bags so I had a look at what she had bought whilst she went to pee, it was all pretty sexy stuff, skirts , flimsy tops and lots of sexy knickers and bra’s, I thought I was in for a good time you know the kind of thing a wife trying to win her husband back, getting her hair done and getting all the sexy gear could only mean that one thing, that she wanted to be more alluring for me, I had also noticed that she had been working out on her fitness equipment in the spare room giving it a good couple of hours each night getting her tummy and ass tightened up , she still was giving me the cold treatment so I did not ask about it but was quietly looking forward to a night of forgiveness with her wearing her new sexy undies

Read Jacking Off [Bloody Okojo (Akutagawa Manbou)] [Kaii no Shiwaza Jaro?] (Bakemonogatari) - Bakemonogatari Panty [Bloody Okojo (Akutagawa Manbou)] [Kaii no Shiwaza Jaro?] (Bakemonogatari)

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Miyako okura
Usually not into this stuff but fucking hot because ariel doesnt play with guys
Ekuryua naurh
This is why i protect to earth