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#201946 - Mia started rubbing her clit harder as I forcefully push Ned’s cock down my throat I parted my finger in his ass cheeks and started tracing his asshole with my finger my mind continued to wonder about more things I could do to make my sister wet. The next morning I awoke naked the whole room smelt of pussy and cock I looked around and saw Mia asleep next to me with Ned lying asleep between her legs looks like more than fingering went on last night I looked into Mia’s cunt for any form of blood or penetration so looks like they didn’t fuck yet. I could smell something that made me lose my train of thought it smelt strong and a little salty and sweaty it was the smell of pussy but not my scent i moved my sisters hand to my nose and took a a whiff and asked her how long she was watching us since Ned was eating your pussy she replied she saw pretty much everything and she must of been fingering herself watching us you were playing with yourself weren’t you you little hoe “i sn

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