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#371666 - She was grinding her pussy on his cock and I could see how wet she was already and he hadn't even put it in yet, my heart was pounding out of my chest! I could see his long fingers reach around her ass, slip into her pussy and play with her asshole too. A slower song came on and they caressed each other like they had been together for years, she had her arms draped around his neck and he was alternating his hands from her waist to her beautiful ass. They were oblivious to everything around them and so was I, I was enjoying what I was seeing so much, Ashley had her dress hiked up and I could see his big black hands kneading her ass, running one hand up the back of her dress while the other one went toward her pussy.

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Yohko asagiri
What is her name
Nodoka miyazaki
I really feel like i know this girl