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#115158 - Suddenly she pushed me off and stood up glaring down at me, I looked around but could see no one around as she wiped her pussy with her towel then spat “You bastard, I was saving that till I got married” and glanced at my cock throbbing gently in mid air, changed her mind about saying anything, threw the towel at me and strode off. Rachelle was getting faster with the pumping and by the sound of it was not far from cumming, I was so close to cumming with my cock touching one of my fantasy women that it wasn’t funny and Linda’s elbow was moving so much it looked like she might be playing with herself. “You know I don’t think I can afford to let anyone else near my pussy, once I get going I just want it to cum hard and fill me up !” she exclaimed, “thanks for looking out for me” When she snuck out the back door I looked at the mess on my bed and wondered what mum was going to say! Linda and I had a couple more good late night sessions over the next month or so then she moved in

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