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#17992 - I walked into the dining room where John was pouring the drinks with a big beam across my face, not only was I going to have sex with another man, but with John there, also it made me feel really attractive and sexy to be able to get two men in bed with me, I know most women can get a man in bed even two or more at the same time, but with one's husband I think its harder, I think most men wonder what the catch is if there is one, As I walked away from John I reached behind me and pulled the zipper of my skirt down then undid the button, wriggling my ass as I did, (John told me latter that it turned him on some), I also pulled my blouse out from my skirt. we were very lucky in the fact that my parents lived on a farm and the girls loved to go there every other weekend and Johns family also lived out in the country, so the following weekend they would go there, so baby sitting was no problem. Two boys lived opposite me, their house was little higher than our

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