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#201421 -   I was woke up around half eight the next morning by the telephone it was Sam hi mom sorry if I've woke you but I was just wondering if Jay was ok while I've been away? It's just that I went to make love to him last night and he told me that he wasn't feeling to good she said he mentioned he felt sick towards the end of the week baby I lied, I was so happy my lover had not fucked his wife my daughter which showed me the he would of sooner been with me in my bed. We approached the front desk and Jay said to my surprise said good evening I've got a table for two booked a mr and mrs Connelly wow I thought we are here has man and wife, my face lit up and I gave him a huge hug and kissed him hard on the lips thank you sweetheart I said what for darling he replied just for being you baby I responded, I then gave Jay a little surprise of my own I'm not wearing any panties I whispered in his ear well his face was a picture of lust.   Part t

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