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#118754 - As we all basically collapsed out of breath and covered in sweat and warm juices not realising we had been fucking for nearly three hours. They both removed their shirts as I helped as much as I could with my hands shaking, and as I felt my thong being slipped of I opened my legs and Alex kissed down my flat tanned tummy and clasped his hot mouth over my swollen wet pussy I wanted Stevens big cock in my mouth and so tugged him towards me I could barely get it in my mouth but just the fact that I was being licked and sucked made me suck him eagerly and when John came over and started kissing my neck as I had this big cock in my mouth I wanted to suck him too, if remember just gasping at John that if wanted to feel a cock inside me and he just instantly urged Steven to change positions with Alex and as if took John and Alex in my mouth the feeling of Steven pushing his big dick inside me just made me cum almost instantly my body shaking from the wave of tingles and rushes and as we star

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