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#259925 - He glanced behind him to the empty door she had left through and, inevitably, ate the cupcake, knowing what was in it, the chocolate coating helped it go down easier. She stood naked in the kitchen, save for a supportive bra, her cock in one hand, hips moving slightly to meet the strokes of her fist as she jerked off, her eyes half-lidded, watching her little brother, his eyes downcast, his cheeks blushed, embarrassed. He dreamt of Sophie, dreamt of her food, she was helping him eat her cupcakes, but the flavour was wrong, he tried to complain but he had his mouth full, his words coming out as little more than whimpering groans, she laughed in his dream and slowly, his dream was gone, he was awake, his room pitch black, hands caressing his hair, holding his head, his mouth full.

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