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#286587 - . He grabbed a hold of throat and squeezed it hard pumping his dick faster and faster untill the burning pain between my thighs was making me scream in pain my naked and sweaty 18 year old body was being voilently raped against my will, he unreleased his hands of my sore neck i looked around in my cramping pain and saw 3 cameras filming my rape from every angle, YOU BITCH, YOU BITCH over and over he shouted at my crying face as the sweat from his forehend dropped down and landed in my screaming mouth, with his dirty hands back round my throat i closed my eyes to try and block out the wrong he was doing to my fragile body, LOOK AT ME YOU WHORE! he screamed as he slapped my face hard YOU WANT A FUCKING DUMMY TO SUCK ON YOU SLAG! he reached round to the small desk next to me that was full of unwashed vibrators and huge sticky butt plugs, he stopped pounding me and picked up of the mucky desk a plain black rubber dildo and started slapping my face with it, i could feel the sweaty st

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