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#31164 - The man notices the server watching and grins at her saying, “My girl is doing a lovely job pleasing me tonight, I hope the food you server later is the best here as she will be rewarded, you hear?” The server nods her head and the man finally getting his wallet from his back pocket uses one hand to pull out another hundred and using his other hand he pushes his girls head harder causing his cock to slip down her throat and the man moans loudly, “Yes my girl take your Masters’ cock I am so proud of you. He pulls away from the kiss and grins down at her while still kneading her breasts between his fingers and whispers, “Does my little beauty like that?” Mystery can’t help but say, “Yes Sir” and that causes the man to grin even more, “very good my dear” as he pushes forward even more causing her to move back. The girl isn’t scared though even though this isn’t what she expected.

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