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#324434 - Back to the hot car scene! Both lads cocks were oozing precum and Alex wasn’t messing around, he wanted a nice wet mouth around his cock and since he couldn’t suck himself that job falls to Brett… only thing is… how would he manipulate him… Bretts eyes couldn’t stay focused on his own cock… he kept taking subtle glances as the hot stud next to him as he groped his thick slab of man meat. Story summary: This story is about a horny couple of straight lads who, well… let’s just say they decided to drive stick… Alex and Brett had been friends since Alex was 15 and Brett was 13, they grew up with each other as they lived on the same street, they were like brothers. All the reminiscing of the previous night got the boys thinking of the women and just how hot they were, both about 5ft 9 dark brown shoulder length hair, skimpy black dress that just showed off the right amount of skin to get those, and any other boys, horny.

Read Porno Amateur Yoru no Mamange | 夜中之滿♀月 - Touhou project Pendeja Yoru no Mamange | 夜中之滿♀月

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This is very hot the action the hentai the angles and the great body and tits amazing thumbs up for all your hentais thanks for sharing guys
Satoshi yabe
Thanks you i will work on that