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#262374 - I couldn't arrange any guys for today, unless they just dropped in, but did manage to arrange a meet with another 2 guys tomorrow am, Pauline had a phone call from a friend asking her to drop in, so we went shopping and called into her place on the way home. Pauline was still sucking my cock as Jerry's knot slipped out, her face was soaked in hot doggy cum, she swollowed some of it, one of the guys palmed some and brought it to me to lick up, then I felt Lee's cock enter me, soon adding to the cum inside me, Pauline was licking up the mix of dog and human cum as I turned and kissed her, sharing the cum between us. I suggested we take it home, to save driving as much, Pauline looked a bit strange at me, but said ok, we can do that, so packing up some food we took of, wth Jerry in the back seat.

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