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#200949 - Don't honey me, you two timing piece of trash, she spat at him, now what shall we do with them, Donna, do you have any ideas!?! I''m kinda partial to your plan, Donna answered with a giggle!!! Oh that plan, Peg replied, you mean the one where we cut off his nuts and feed them to the dog!?! Exactly, Peg exclaimed, what do you think of that idea, missy, how would you like lover boy here if I cut off his balls!?! Y-you wouldn't dare, she replied incredulously, and I want you out of my house this instant or I'm calling the police!!! Sure thing, cunt, Peg answered evenly, but first we're gonna make a few home movies, you know, keepsakes for our old age, so why don't you two pick up where you left off before you were so rudely interupted!?! When both John and the blonde began whining and protesting, Peg pulled back the hammer of the gun and said grimly, Don't make me use this, now John, darling, get your mouth down there and

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Uta yumeno
So hot
Tsubaki nakatsukasa
I wanna kiss those cute fat juicy cheeks
El mike adriano argento