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#275815 - I grabbed her hips as I began to fuck Jade harder and harder. Amanda looks at me standing their with my boxers still at my ankles, Where do I get a man like him? she says Until you find one, I'm willing to share Jade says as she smiles, So when are you going to be around again? Amanda opening my wallet and taking money out of it, Well, I'm gonna get my car from that asshole she says as she puts my wallet back on the counter, And then she says as she pulls up her skirt showing Jade and I she's not wearing underwear, I'll be back tonight! We'll be waiting for you Jade says as she walked her sister to the door, You'll be here? Amanda asks as she opens the door Of course, Baby Jade answers as she hugs her sister Amanda kisses her sisters cheek as they break their embrace, Amanda then walks up to me and gives me a hug, sliding her hand down and grabbing my dick, Thank you she says Anytime I answer as I kiss her once m

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