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#48638 - He knew it was my first time and told me he would go easy, i opened my legs out so my cunt was exposed, he lent over me and put his finger up it, spreading my natural lubricant around the hole he got his cock ready and began to ease it in. The Next morning i couldnt get my self ready quick enough i was so excited at what was going to happen, i made sure i packed condoms because if we were to have sex, i couldnt risk a pregnancy especially with a priest, so anyways we arrived at his place around supper time after a day of shoppingwith mum, and had supper with him. It was pitch black out side and it was a muggy evening still in the summer time, i drove to the top of a hill and stopped so i could let him drive.

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I dont want to be a coomer
Genya shinazugawa
Beautiful blowjob
Marina ogami
I love the ending really surprising and tricky