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#123031 - 00 Sara finally arrived I was starved, she brought pizza and beer, we sat down in front of the TV and started to eat, Kim on her wheel chair and Sara and me Sat on the floor on the rug, we were having the last slices of pizzas when I opened a beer but Sara took it away from me. I just stood there for a while just looking at her, -what now- I asked? -Well nothing-she said- just don’t make a big deal out of it- I agreed, and got dressed, that night we found our self’s on the couch again watching some porn, I got my cock out and started to masturbate, Kim just watched, it felt weird just jerking off and Kim watching me, but after a couple of minutes it didn’t feel weird anymore, as a matter of fact I enjoyed it, once I came I got a rag and cleaned myself up. -You’re not that hot - I said joking -woooo- Kim answered looking in Sara direction -Not hot ehh- she grabbed me in a neck hold and started hitting my head with her knuckles -not hot ehh –she repeated- tell me I’m hot- She h

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