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#301135 - The man was dressed in a dark blue business suit and would have been considered handsome, except for the fact that he had a large scar on his face! After several seconds of silence the man, while looking directly into Blake’s eyes asked, You're a fag aren't you, I can smell you a mile away!?! Blake turned a bright shade of red, and while averting his eyes replied softly, Yes, yes I am! The man made a snorting sound and shot back, You little bitches are all alike, just waiting to be picked up and fucked! Hearing the crude talk from this total stranger caused an immediate reaction in Blake as his pecker turned into a piece of hot blue steel!!! The elevator came to a stop, and as the doors slid open smoothly and the stranger announced, This is my floor, come with me, as he took Blake by the arm and led him down the corridor to the men's rest room. Just as the doors were beginning to close a hand shot between the doors and a thirty something man slipped on board, pr

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1000 hot
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This was sexy as fuck
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Madison ivy tfuk lol